Design & Planning
We can help you navigate the process from the very beginning.
Custom Homes
We can build your ideal custom home and always uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Homes on Spec
We build spec homes as our own investments, so we truly know how to value-engineer to maximize a return for our clients.
Our mission is to build beautifully crafted homes in coastal Orange County and to act as your advocate throughout the construction process to protect your investment and ensure a positive experience.
We strive to be the one custom homebuilder in coastal Orange County that is consistently chosen by discerning clients that seek the utmost excellence and care in both product and process.

Design Consultation

A service unique to Legacy, we offer free design consultation services and guide you through the planning and submittal process to expedite the initial phase and commence construction quickly.

Aligning Visions

Hiring us from the beginning to review your plans will save you time and money. We ensure that the experience you visualize having in your home is actually reflected in your plans and therefore built, eliminating costly oversights.

Your Advocate

We will act as your advocate when collaborating with architects, engineers, and designers to ensure proposed ideas are realistic and meet your expectations from a design, function and cost perspective.


We work with you in a collaborative atmosphere and give you an honest and upfront understanding of the costs and realities of the home building process.


We respect your time and money and do our best to expedite the construction process without sacrificing our high standards of craftsmanship.


We are well versed in all aspects of construction and know how materials live and breathe in our coastal environment. We are equipped to handle any building requirements you have.
Legacy Custom Homes, Inc. was established in 2013 by Bill Jackson and Blake Rielly. As fourth generation homebuilders in Southern California, the partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and are involved in all aspects of the design and build process for their clients.